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Classic Earl Grey Tea

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Harvested from the renowned Harrington Estate in Kotagala. Perched at 4,412 ft. on a mountain range in the central Sri Lankan region of Dimbula, famous for the smooth mellow character of its tea considered by connoisseurs as the “Bordeaux” of fine Ceylon teas.

Harrington Estate is in the prestigious Hatton area of misty mountain ranges and verdant valleys. Here the rains of the monsoon seasons nurture a high quality of tea the industry acclaims as strong yet light, delicate and fragrant. In addition to the monsoons, the Harrington Estate experiences the dry winds that fan across the valleys and slopes of mountainous Dimbula where the days are bright and dry. All-weather anomalies that contribute to the complexity and intriguing flavour profile that can only develop when the tea plant undergoes this natural conditioning between rain and drought.

Brewing Guide

  • 1 slightly heaped teaspoon per 250ml of water

  • Freshly heated water at 90 degrees

  • Steep for 2.5 minutes

  • Enjoy clear or with milk

This tea is Certified Organic.

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