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Classic Tin Kaleidoscope

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Introduce a love for simple classic toys to a new generation of kids with this colourful tin kaleidoscope toy! It's a recognisable design that has stood the times!

Kaleidoscopes work with simple mirrors that create an infinite reflection of small, colourful beads to produce delicate and ever-changing patterns in the viewing tube. Simply twist the tube to change up the pattern - there are endless possibilities! The colourful view will keep little ones fascinated for hours with the tumbling beads and geometric patterns. It's a wonderful and simple toy to take with you on doctor's visits or long trips since it doesn't require any batteries, wifi connection or USB cable.

The kaleidoscope has been around and entertaining kids for generations! In fact, it was invented all the way back in 1867 by Scottish scientist Sir David Brewster. Back then it was ground-breaking and it used mirrors to reflect infinite patterns of light. Sir Brewster was known as the "father of modern

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