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Dogsaster Game

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Key Features:
  • The canine version of everyone's favourite stacking game
  • We're talking about Cat-Astrophe, not bladdy Jenga!
  • Contains 15 precarious pups to pile up
  • Deceptively simple and incredibly fun
  • Seriously, it makes Jenga look like a walk in the park
DescriptionDogsaster Dog Stacking Game
Everyone's favourite animal stacking game - Cat-Astrophe, obviously - has been given a cheeky canine twist. Meet Dogsaster!

It may not be the finest piece of wordplay ever conceived but by heck is it one ridiculously fun game to play!

The premise is deceptively simple – no time limit, just stack up the dogs to create a precarious puppy pillar, a mound of hounds, a dogelisk (now that's bad). If you thought Jenga was the perfect combination of challenging and fun, get ready for Dogsaster!

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