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H o m e  by VIctoria Alexander. H o m e is an exploration and celebration of the home. It is a book that is soft and kind. The 440 pages are filled with stories, histories, musings, recipes, insights, how-to and warm and touching, real and relatable images of homely things from all over the world.

H o m e is a much needed virtual cuddle. A gentle nudge to value the importance of being content in slowing things down, to appreciate contemplation as much as playfulness, laughter and joy. To see our homes as a cocoon. That our home is our nest, our safe place to recharge and rest, explore and be our unguarded self.

H o m e reminds us to appreciate the beauty in everyday things and observe rituals such as the comforting art of making a tart or boiling the perfect egg.

H o m e is not about trends or following them, instead it places value on the importance of relationships with family, friends and the hardest, oneself. Our homes are the very essence of us. They’re where we explore and develop our individuality more deeply than anywhere else. They are a concentrate of all we are. Quintessentially so.

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