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Bye Hot Flush (Organically Grown Herbal health blend)

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Ingredients: Sage varieties, lemon balm, nettle, vitex, ashwaganda, clover and peppermint. (Organically grown NZ)

Please note: The texture of this tea is exactly as it should be. Certain herbs (Raspberry leaf and Sage leaf) are rubbed during drying which makes them looks clumped. It’s a technique used for the herb leaves that would otherwise crumble. It helps them hold together and is not a concern.

APPROX. 15-20 servings in each pack. 34g net weight.

INSTRUCTIONS: Add 1-2 pinches (in a strainer) to a cup of hot water and brew for 5 mins, then enjoy. 

WARNING: If you are on any medication, pregnant or breastfeeding please consult your doctor before drinking Charity Tea as some herbs may not be suitable.


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