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Pea Tendrils for Microgreens

These tasty Fiji Feather Pea microgreens are bred for its feathery tendrils at the end of the shoots. They will re-grow if you don’t cut them too low. Make sure when you cut, they still have a little leaf on the stem. These packs are 80g and based on a standard ice cream size container you should get 2 trays full of seed.

How to grow your microgreens:

  1. Prepare your tray with drainage holes and fill with potting mix (make sure you are wearing a mask).

  2. Sprinkle your seed evenly but generously over the soil. Sprinkle a little bit of soil over the seeds to help with even germination.

  3. To assure germination and rapid growth, keep the seed tray moist but not drenched, using a spray bottle to do your watering is the best.

  4. Once they are approximately 5cm long, cut the stems above the bottom leaf. By doing this each time, you will get weeks and weeks of growth from the same tray.

  5. Add to your favourite sandwich, salad or even your eggs and avo on toast to give that extra boost of nutrients and colour.

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