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Reusable Straws Mixed Pack

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The CaliWoods Mixed Pack gives you a little bit of eco-goodness from 2 different straw sizes in one pack! This CaliWoods product is perfect if you just can't make up your mind on whether to buy Smoothie Straws or Drinking Straws or if you need some variety in your life. 

And it gets even better... This is a completely Plastic-Free product. The Cleaner Brush is made from natural fibre bristles and all packaging (including shipping materials!) is completely plastic-free. 

CaliStraw Mixed Pack Info:

  • 2 x Smoothie Straw Size - 9mm x 215mm
  • 2 x Bent Drinking Straw Size - 6mm x 215mm
  • 1 x Natural Fibre Cleaner Brush made from Goat Wool and Stainless Steel
  • Type 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel 18/8
  • Thicker Stainless Steel for Durability

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