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Wanderflower Bath Salt Rocks - Amber - Uplifting

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Wanderflower Amber Himalayan Bath Salt Rocks 150g These fragrant Himalayan Salt Rocks encourage a sense of deep relief and relaxation. Stepping into a warm bath after a long, tiring day is always deeply invigorating. Add a couple of fragrant, essential-oil filled Himalayan Salt Rocks to the tub, and you've created the ultimate feel-good experience. Breathe in the warm, woodsy amber fragrance as you watch the salt rocks dissolve gently in the warm water. Sink deep into the tub and let the healing rocks fill you with a sense of deep relief and relaxation. All the crystals are totally unique, each differing in size, shape and colour. The product contains no parabens, is vegan friendly and cruelty-free. Supplied in a lovely presentation box, so as well as a treat for you, it would also make a lovely gift for friends and family. Wanderflower encourages upcycling: re-use the tube packaging as a makeup brush pot or storage container for bits & bobs

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