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Wanderflower Mask Library - Set of Four

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Treat yourself or a friend to the most natural of relaxation sessions with this Sheet Mask Set from Wanderflower. Sometimes, a face mask alone isn't enough. When you're feeling drained, it can take a more holistic approach to fully restore and replenish your energy. That's why Wanderflower has curated a collection of gentle masks for the eyes, the hands and the feet, in addition to a soothing mask for the face.

Carefully crafted from woven bamboo fibre, these Masks are suitable for all skin types. Inspired by the natural virtues of roses, aloe vera, sunflowers and hibiscus, the masks contain oils and extracts from real flowers, seeds and leaves. Just lay back, switch off and allow nature to heal you.

Set of four Sheet Masks for the face (hibiscus), eyes (rosewater), hands (aloe vera) and feet (sunflower). Made with woven bamboo fibre and include real flower, seed and leaf oils and extracts

These masks are paraben and cruelty-free with vegan formulations. Set comes packaged in a giftable Wanderflower card envelope with ribbon closure.

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